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The Rape of the Lock

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University of Toronto St. George
Mike Johnstone

The Rape of the Lock Alexander PopeLecture Notes1712MockEpic SatireRhyming Iambic Pentameter 5 feet 10 syllables aka heroic couplets same form as The Canterbury TalesCouplets are closed when they express a thought within the confines of a sentencecouplet so when a couplet begins it starts a new idea or statement and it is stated completely by the endyou dont need to read the couplet before or after it in order for it to make senseClarissas end speech preaches the intelligent use of reason to control ones temper and she in the end makes her speech to clarify the moral of the story which is to expect consequences for being vain andor materialisticThis work is an example of the burlesque form taking trivial subjects treating them seriously and achieving a comic effectEpic Conventions in The Rape of the Lock o Canto 1 Putting on makeup in the toilet as like a soldier putting on his armour o Canto 2 Conference of protective gods as like Paradise Lost o Canto 3 The card game is
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