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University of Toronto St. George
Greig Henderson

ENG205: Rhetoric Zen and theArt of Motorcycle Maintenance, Part Two - study of motorcycle maintenance = study of art of rationality itself - Pirsig sees himself as working on concepts--it is a mental phenomenon - structure of hierarchy - two kind of logic: inductive and deductive - inductive: start with observations and arrive at general conclusions - predict conclusion - deductive: move from particular instances to general truths - scientific method: statement, hypotheses, experiments, predicted results, observed results, conclusions - purpose of scientific method: make sure you don't lead yourself to think you know something you don't know - but number of hypotheses is indefinite - the art of anything is just as dependent on your own mind as it is on the material of the medium - importance of having peace of mind before sitting down to any task The necessary and the contingent: anchoring rhetoric in the realm of the contingent. Rhetoric does not deal in absolute truths. "Man is the measure of all things". That's all there ever is: people talking in one place, at once time, in a certain circumstance, etc. There is no view from nowhere. But Plato couldn't accept this. The sophists argued that this was not the only way to look at things. Rhetoric as taught in most composition courses is a feeble imitation of what the sophists were about. Make students adept at grammar exercises but have no impact on their writing. Don't necessarily following all the "rules". Knowing how and when to break them is more important than obeying them in all contexts. Use reason and logic: except when emotion works better. Use the active voice until the passive voice is appropriate. Quality doesn't go with prescriptive rhetoric. What is quality in thought and statement? An essay is trial: trying out. "The real essay you're working on is an essay called yourself." If you're not on trial, you're not alive. Mythos is the sum
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