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John Reibetanz

Focus question for Tuesdays1 The action of AMND is essentially concluded at the end of Act 4 What Purposes does the play within a play serve How does it relate tot he main themes and experiences of AMND 2 What are some of the connections between AMND and sonnet 116Actorsgroups before S traveling Performing in yards banquet chambers In yardstage at the centre Everyone can watch the play demand creates an audience of both rich and not so rich 1576 James Burbadgereal estate speculator good investor build the theater make profit Located at suburb due to authorities Playhouse are haven for disreputable people Sport that appeal to all classes wealthy viewer Bear beatinghungry dogs Owner of the theatre can make money from two sourcesbear beating and plays A combinated experience physical actions and intellectual entertainment a blendPortable theaterscouldntay the high rent so dismental the theater and move to new property little dependent on physical structure There is no elaborate sets or lighting Plays takes plays in the minds of the audience Hierarchy orderin theatre company 1 Top fellowssharers6 people hold stock and investment Plays are tailor made for the theatre company 2 Minor
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