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Alan Ackerman

see assignment on blackboard Close Reading: how small bits shed light on the larger work temporality the personal pronoun The relation between I and You Whitmans relationship to the reader, and attitudes, treatment as spectator Wrestling match the relevance of the private versus public in us culture, benjamin franklin -shared common public language versus the individual -health of a society dependent on the lives of private citizens syntax of i coming first and you coming second Use of interrogative, versus his mainly declarative style lack of whitmans name on the titlepage emphasis placed upon name each text a model of forging an american story what are the common narrative devices? comparison to franklin words bring the world to being, not just describing another world importance of reading and writing became a publisher and a journalist wanted his own paper, but the abolitionists didn't like this Emerson on our allienated ideas in genius works, we discover ourselves in words Writing for and against both black and white readership, had to develop voice in conjunction with both Who is a typical american? Is there a racial self? Using language at all is always a quote, as language is inherited Douglass' narrative: the symbolic construction of a man inherited symbolic codes man in quotes is a symbol itself Slaves were not considered people in the same way, needed to prove that he had a self, emerson didn't need to do that Wants to know what a self made man is Goal of transformation would improve society, transforming individuals would change society Self is never finished developing Moral Perfectionism Antithetical to racism Self made man cannot be defined by race Issue of gender, regarding the word Man Douglass helped a lot, including by women, we are all helped by someone Genre of self life writing personal responsibility, ability to be self made The Slave Narrative Relayed experiences of Antebellum south Drew on biblical illusions and imagery Rhetoric of abolitionism traditions of captivity narratives Spiritual autobiography, revealing to usually white audiences the story of the individuals Frame stories Why do they incorporate other forms? Same with franklins, like the letters? 1840-1860: Romantic movement influencial in the US Romantic individualism Many such narratives were published Recurrent patterns: plot is informed by Christian mythological structure, Daniel from the Lions Den, recurrent trope of rebirth, and finding a new world idyllic life in the garden of eden, used ironically, tarring the outside of the fence structured as a journey into the wilderness, for survival, help, and then arrival to the promised land Celebrated Birthday, but the day he escaped Sold out quite well Autobiography still require selection, question of fiction and non fiction Use of symbols and literary devices biblical parables getting into gardens Snake like characters references to literary w
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