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University of Toronto St. George
Chris Warley

ENG280October 31Kristen Young CommoditiesThe essay is perplexing because his argument is complicated its context is relativelyconfusing for us A lot of it is a specialized vocabulary and therefore difficult to understand The essay is totally different from anything else weve read and therefore that is the mainreason its confusingoEvery essay weve read so far is about somethingLiterary criticism has a stable object you know what it is that the essay is aboutThe where does it say that approach is more of a beginners way of looking at thingsBenjamin is looking at his object through a contexto The difference between the inside of the work and the outside of the work has beencalled into question simply with the titleo Cant only look at the object according to Benjamin but must also look at thecontext the ageThe object of analysis has shifted Though Auerbach and Benjamin seem to be contrasting they are actually more the samethan you thinko Auerbach says were only looking at the object because were actually interested inthe contextoBenjamin says were going to look at the context and the object as one Its hard to say what its about because we dont really know what hes focusing hisinterest o
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