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University of Toronto St. George
Chris Warley

ENG280November 2Kristen Young Benjamin Contd The essay isnt quite clear about its object and therefore its confusingWhat does criticism do if the object isnt concreteDoes a dramatic calling into question of the function of criticismWhat is Benjamin getting at when he says politicsoPoints out the very last sentence of the essayThe major problemoWhat is auraBenjamin is pointing out the relation between two thingsoThe theory behind artHave to fight aura while still embracing ito Since aura is oppressive of us and the reproduction is really all that we have to lookat and see these things Benjamin wants to point out the aura is bad and socially elitist and there should be ademocratization of artTheres a double problem because aura has been seized and reproducedo Through reproduction we are able to get rid of aura and get rid of cults of art thatwill allow for such democratization The political process can be turned into an aesthetic illusion and in essence becomes artwith aurao Politics becomes aestheticized in a really left wing fashion goes farther and fartheraway from socialism the more that you add visuals Benjamin criticizes but he does it in the way of literary criticism but not really becausehes criticising not li
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