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Nov 3rd Lecture Notes Lecture notes from the first of a series of lectures on Coriolanus. Extensive, detailed.

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University of Toronto St. George
Elizabeth Harvey

Topics in Shakespeare Coriolanus Fable of the bell11Incorporate friendsfrom the Latin Corpusbodyrelationship between singular body and a corporate body one in which many people have joined together in a larger modelperhaps a societymaking lots of money off the common peoplemoment where we can see the ideal of government being advanced by Common Rome as stemming from the individual bodyone explanation for the divergent movements in the play to bring things togetherto incorporate multitude into a wholeImage as a multiheaded monster possessing diversity and noisesdisparate uncontainable ramblingBody that refuses to assimilate into oneBody of Coriolanusinverse of the multiheaded dragonpierced full of holes rather than having multiple limbsFragmentation of the bodyIncorporating mechanism by which we take into our bodies food which is then digested Image of digestionObject of renaissance was to digest the texts of the classical worldcentral tenet of humanismImage of incorporationto take something inside the body and make it ones ownInvolves a process of translationtaking something in in Latin and pulling it out in EnglishDeals with the history of Romecarried to Shakespeare by means of classical historians MarciusGod of Warin a sense this is who he isCalls them you fragmentsfragmentation of body 23Conversation between Coriolanus mother Volumnia and his wifeIf my son were my husbandickScary version of heroismVolumniaextremely manipulative lives vicariously through CoriolanusKind of emotional crossdressingwoman who isnt content of being a woman in her culture Vents her warlike spirit through her sonShe gives an extraordinary image of CoriolanusGrim reaper imagerycutting down lifeIconic moment in the playAmalgamation of figure of the harvest man who is simultaneously the reaper with a scytheharvest on the one hand providing food play opens with the harvest and the sense of a military man wiping his bloody browassociated with mortalitywho has to mow down those in front of him They are very much in contrastBrought together through the reaper figurea killer of crops and flesh 15 Speech associated with CoriolanusMedical imagery in the playAnimal imagery Souls of geese
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