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Lecture 3

Lecture Three Notes

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Joseph Leydon

Cities of South America Lecture Three Overview Total population: 374 million Percent Urban Population: 81.6% Annual Urban Growth: 0.12% Most Urbanized: Venezuela (93.4%), Uruguay (92.0%), Argentina (90.1%) Least Urbanized: Paraguay (56%), Ecuador (62.8%), Bolivia (64.2%) Megacities (3); Number of cities of more than 1 million (38) Understanding the Region All but one country is over 60% urbanized with 5 countries over 80% Three distinct spheres with a great deal of internal division-variance Andean American (Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia) o Rapidly urbanizing region under fiscal constraints o Large indigenous population and mestizo populations with small European elite o Alternative economy based upon informal economy and popular markets Southern Cone Cities (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay) o Urban and demographic transition in the mid-20th century, now intercity migration o Heavy European ethnic composition as well as urban planning traditions o Prosperity with economic stagnation, social segregation and restive middle class Portuguese American (Brazil) o Urban growth shifting towards smaller, peripheral cities o Portuguese colonial heritage and langugageculture, as well as spatial patterns
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