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Damian Dupuy

GGR124 Lecture 2 Measuring Urban Places N Urban areas can be defined based on their population N Urban areas can also be described based on their economic activity (high agricultural sector, the more rural the area) N Population size is not the only acceptable method to measure an urban space N Administrative definition: defining the urban area in terms of legal criteria such as jurisdictional control. N However, the physical and social extent of the city can be beyond administrative definitions N A functional definition uses urban influence to determine the links and connections between the various elements of the urban areas N Functional definition bring forth the use of census data (in this context Toronto extends all the way to Mississauga) N [email protected]}}L}[Z]LoLce reaches out to Halton, York, and Durham forming the GTA N Urban geography focuses on the analysis of the distribution of towns and cities N Urban geography takes into account the similarities and differences between and within cities or towns N Spatial distribution of towns and cities is looking at the system of cities N Internal structure compares the formation of the city itself; the city as its own system N Urban geography can be applied to any other discipline N Urban geography can be approached in different ways
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