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Lecture 9

lecture 9

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Joseph Laydon

Lecture 9 - November 15 Industrialization and Urbanization Slide 1- Key POints Check slide Slide 3 - Industrial revolution - Commonly refered or associated with Britain, - The steam Engline and the spinning jenny - these an other led to the construction of large mills and factories and migration into cities Slide 4 The consequences of industrialization for urbanization: Two general images 1) “Prometheus unbound” - taming, realeasing, and channeling the energies ofnature - massive polution, - ripping out the forest. 2) “The age of Great Cities” - a greater proportion of population living in cities than ever before - urban age, - City grew from one day to another, Slide 5 - Quote by Captain Basil - describing the cities - Rochester , NY - a place where raw materials brough from country side and processes in the city, - and sorted out and then sent out to other regions Slide 6 The railroad in the city: a lasting impact on urban geography - railway making possible all the communication and transportation - housing the workers and bring them from country side - City officials had no choice but had to allow it to come into the cities, for the growth and prosperity Slide 7 - New York city was becoming the control point for the commerce - Wall Street Slide 8 IncreasinglyAmerican- U.S cities of the 19 century - “American cities displayed an exaggeretated emphasis on a narrow spectrum of urban life” - it is a society obsessed with growth, dedicated to any growth as good, material progress, commercial good - This narrow spectrum included: -Adedication to any and all growth as good - cities treated not as public institutions but as private commercial ventures - The grid pattern (Ideal for the commodification of land) and a miniscule proportion of land reserved for public facilities and amenities Slide 9 Central Park, New York City: - the first public park in the United States - Designed (1858) by the writter Frederick Law Olmstead and theArchitect Calvert Vaux - Considered a stunning success as an urban public space - But before construction could start and beautifucation of the area to begin, the are had to be cleared of its poor inhabitants Slide 10 The Urbanization of Canada - The national population rose from 3.5 million in 1871 to 10.4 million in 1931 - Between 1871 and 1931, the proporation of Canadians living in urban centres rose from less than one in five to more than one in two th th - Seven majors dentres dominated the late 19 / early 20 century Canadian urban hierarchy: Montreal, Toronto, WInniped, Vancouver, Hamilton, Quebec, and Ottawa Slide 11 - Changing environments of daily life: a physical landscape of industry and the discipling of time and work Slide 12 - The rise of Central Canada - Increase in the scale of production, the advantages of industrial linkages, and the thpacity of the railroad to integrate space all favoured central Canadian proudcers by the early 20 century - by 1929 over 80% of Canadian manufacturing took place in Central Canada à over half of it in Ontaro Slide 13 th th - electric Streetcars: instruments of 19 and early 20 century urban transformation\ - street cars- make labour easy Slide 14 - The classic model - The differentiation of urban space: The “Chicago School” concentric zone model (Ernest Burgess) - In essence many cities followed this model in city growth, but in particularly this model was designed based on Chicago - Even Toronto and Montreal had similar design, Slide 16 - Griffintown (The Griff), Montreal: famously depicted in Herbert BrownArnes, The City below the Hill
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