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Lecture 3

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Stephen Swales

Lecture Three - Spatial Concepts and the Value of Geographical Perspective Specialty Retail Sometimes built on narrow roads for max. exposure Case Study: Francophone Yuppies  Measured with CMA (Conesus metropolitan area) used with a number of (mobile professionals) census tract which gives a variable to measure from such as social economic information like education and employment position  Constantly have to update because of changing age and market target changes with it  Why an interest in this demographic? For Clubs o Less effort (finding right market) for more return  But ecological fallacy, the assumption made of inhabitants can be massively disadvantageous Desire Line Maps Dot which represent the destination (larger = size) and lines represent the origin Case Study Sample 1. Less cluster and closer pattern: short lines, sensitive to distance, Mennonites, immobile, strong distance decay 2. Far patterns: modern cnd, long lines, not sensitive to distance, irregular distance decay a. Mobility causes them to travel over intervening opportunities b. Rese
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