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GGR252 Lecture 5

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Stephen Swales

February 4, 2014 GGR252 Lecture 5  All land uses benefit from accessibility o The optimum location is downtown  Office/retail are capable of making the most money by being located in the downtown location (e.g., getting the most return) and able to pay for the downtown site  Footprint is smaller, so locations must be duplicated o There is a trade-off between the amount of land and the level of accessibility  E.g., York University vs. Ryerson University o This represents an economic model (e.g., who gets the most return)  All land use is subject to change o Heritage destinations are a bit of a problem o E.g., Princess Margaret Hospital has maintained historical frontage by expanding upwards  Inner-city vs. suburban densities o Differences in design, density, and accessibility are evident in:  High density downtown offices and low density suburban office parks  High density inner-city residential use and low density suburban single-detached lots  High density downtown shopping centres and low density suburban shopping centres  The logic of bid-rent / trade-off models o Sites (land) vary in level of accessibility. Generally, downtown is most accessible. o Therefore, sites (land) vary in value (cost). o Because all land users (office, retail, industrial, recreational, residential, educational, etc.) potentially benefit from accessibility, they will bid against each other for accessible sites (this is the bid-rent concept). o But the land users vary in the level of economic return they can get from the site, therefore they also vary in their ability to pay for occupying the site. Those most able to gain economically from the site occupy the site. (In making th
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