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th6 Feb 2012GER150H Lecture 5The midterm will have 3 parts Part 1 MC sectionEg in which year were the Nuremberg racial laws introduced Ar 1935Eg who was the author most closely associated with Verfremdung A Brecht Part 2 questions which require individual words or one sentence to answerEg what is the name of the German Jew who is considered the father of Jewish Enlightenment A Moses MendelssohnEg name three legal and or social features that characterize the German Reich of 1871 A it was the first time Germany had some kind of parliamentary body a betteranswer kleindeutsche loesung ie exclusion of Austria it was a constitutionalmonarchy Rechtsstaat a legal state you could vote with the courts and get a judgement or law the first social welfare state probably of the world secularization was a big interest of the state eg introduction of compulsuroy mnarriage protestant religion was dominant anti socialist laws were implemented Part 3 short essay questions Eg who is responsible for Maries murder in Woyzeckthese questions will be focusing on The ring Parable Kafka WoyzeckThe midterm will be 2 hours long Today well be talking about German prose and fictionAn introduction on the development of german literature with a specific focus on prose Then we discuss on KafkaGerman literature starts with the enlightenmentThe enlightenemtn is connected with big names such as lessing and MendelssohnThe enlightenment is a European phenomenon not just a german phenomenon or german movementthIt takes place in the 18 centuryThe date given for germany is 1720 to 1785The focus on the enlightenment is on rationalityThe human being as a rational beingThe experience of the world becomes very important ie empiricism Ie you wouldnt wantto consult the bible about what a table is
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