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Published on 22 Dec 2010
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GGR 254 – USA Geography Dec. 6, 2010
-Theme 1 – the long-term integration of the USA into the global economy and the international
political arena both drives and shapes its development
Important bc it has a history to it
Product of colonization; expanding Europe
Globalization – internationalization
United States 300 years ago was an important player in the world; today it is still a sole
player but this immense power is flawed; terrified that China will knock off their power;
Important within the global economy; eg labour costs and Detroit
-Theme 2 – Changning regional and urban geographies have been shaped American economic,
social and political development
Buffalo, Southern Texas – how that became the new south, oil
Military might, specific urban development; eg LA, Washington
How regional position shifts over time; manufacturing belt and then the sun belt
Regional changes are affected by big things eg political and economy change
-Theme 3 – the USA has experienced massive growth and acquired unprecedented power, but a
great social and economic cost
Deindustrialization; economy cost
American should be able to live without poverty given its wealth it is unable to do that bc
the very American liberty and capitalism means inequality
Race plays a big factor; structure of inequality has a factor to social inequality – Sugrue
-Theme 4 – public and privateactors have played a critical and defining role in the creation of
regional-urban geographies
These things just dont emerge – it comes fromactors
Not all actors are equal, the CEO of Microsoft is much more powerful person then an
immigrant who runs a grocery store for example
Race, still with the election of Obama, if you were white you have a lot more access to
political power and also gender
Private interests
FINAL EXAM - Room 1050 Earth Sciences, 5 Bancroft
-Exam Structure
Section A – definitions, Answer 8 out of 10 (40 marks)
Section B – Essay, Answer 1 out of 2 (30 marks)
Section C – Essay, Answer 1 out of 2 (30 marks)
-Material to be covered
All class lectures and course readings – key argument in readings
Past Definitions
-Hoarce Greeley
What is geographically significant?
Progressive editor, reformer and politician (1811-1872)
Representative of white attitudes to native Americans
Europeans were morally and economically superior – “there is no hope for them
Ideology underpinned usurpation of native land
-Post-industrial economy
Mix of manufacturing and low-end (retail, etc) and high-end (financial, etc) services
Replaces industrial economy
Associated with rise of corporate city
Associated withedge cities such as Tysons Corner, Virginia
Small city in Indiana
Illustrates the problem of de-industrialization
1982: RCA cabinet factory closed – changing demand, Asian imports, high costs
Impact on city and surrounding White country: job loss, lower tax base, increased
demands on social services, growing health problems
Past Essay Questions
According to Steve High, ahigh-technology complex ...revolutionalized the industrial
geography of the United States after World War II. Discuss this statement with reference
to the fortunes of the Manufacturing Belt and the South since 1960.
Argument – what is Highs basic argument? How can this be used to answer the exam
Manufacturing Belt – what has happened since the 1960s and why has this happened?
provide some examples
The New South – contrast to Manufacturing Belt – why has this happened? Again, some
examples – but everything isnt rosy – uneven development
Conclusion paragraph
Past Essay Questions
Question: American metropolitan areas are divided by race, ethnicity and class. What are
the geographic patterns of this divided urban society and how are the patterns related to
social, political and economic inequality? Use several metropolitan areas to illustrate your
Argument – one that links metropolitan segregation to race, etc and geographic inequality
Several key elements need to be discussed – what is segregation> what are the geographic
patterns – how do these relate to inequality?
Examples – illustrate the arguments above the examples and case studies
Past Essay Questions
Question: According to Stepick and Grenier. “Miamis Cuban community appears to be
the antithesis of Wilsons model of a permanent underclass. What do they mean by this?
What are the specific geographic outcomes?
Argument – lay out S and Gs argument within the broader context of the urban
Key elements of teh answer – what is the urban underclass – discuss Miamis Cuban
Population – What is Stephick and Grenier’s argument? – character of the population
have made them successful. Why? How have Cubans used the tree types of capital – why
relative success compared to other minority groups?
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Theme 1 the long-term integration of the usa into the global economy and the international political arena both drives and shapes its development. Important within the global economy; eg labour costs and detroit. Final exam - room 1050 earth sciences, 5 bancroft. Exam structure: section a definitions, answer 8 out of 10 (40 marks, section b essay, answer 1 out of 2 (30 marks, section c essay, answer 1 out of 2 (30 marks) Material to be covered: all class lectures and course readings key argument in readings. Hoarce greeley www. notesolution. com: what is geographically significant, progressive editor, reformer and politician (1811-1872, representative of white attitudes to native americans, europeans were morally and economically superior there is no hope for them . Post-industrial economy: mix of manufacturing and low-end (retail, etc) and high-end (financial, etc) services, replaces industrial economy, associated with rise of corporate city, associated with edge cities such as tysons corner, virginia.