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University of Toronto St. George
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Hakob Barseghyan

HPS300 January 10, 2013 What theories we accept now - All these theories - In addition to certain theories apply certain methods of evaluation - 10 theories which are best - 2 theoires which ones are best - Of theory evaluation - Intuitive understsainfding which one are good which are basd - Believe angels not chnge wait a second prove it - Method how we evaluate theory - Whole thing is sceientific mosaic - A set of all theories by the scientific community of the time - Scie change connected with mosaic change with mosaic - Believe in one toey and change scientific change - Theory and evalautuion and switch that too is scientific change - Cotemopary scientific mosaic - None of contemapry theory in mosic Newtonian - Phlogistan chem. All process explained with invisible substance - Preformation small human in semem male semen contains full developed orgainsim that develops - Theology part of mosaic - Not im scientist and theologian there part of all encyclopedia - Difference still have theology – theory of god and his works today scie comm. Refrains from answering how teach just as hisotic now religious studies different religious views they taught god is this now take historical approach 1500ss - And they had certain method of criteria theory of assessment Idea to take as axiom mosaic change through time and sci chage applies to all elements of mosaic all is chamgeable. Earth spherical different from back then as today back then perfect sphere , today falt towards poles General relativity and Newtonian physica and arti physics - Basic star background and planet observed from earth all planets move east planets move - Why diff theories give differ xppl Newtonian - 3 laws - Elements had natural tendency earth water move to center of universe - Air fire ascend - Ether revolve circles bc enternal and only motion eternal is circle - Now rubbish before true - Take theory is changeable - Everyrhing we create may change - In emorical sceicne no prop is immune to change - Reasons - Give different inerpreations -
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