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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Curtis Forbes

HPS211 lec3 Jan17th Newtonianism 1)Newton’s physics His mathematical way System of the world 2) Newtonianism After newton Newton as Physicist Newton on the ontinent 3)Newtonianism outside of Physics 1) -Mathematical Way His way of thought was similar to that of Descartes, also looked for a mathematical explanation just not as bold of hypothesis. Called his way “analysis and Composition”. Do the testing and analysis, then compare certain laws and understanding. Claims his method was “deduction from the phenomena” compared to Descartes even though he induces. Deduction = general > specific, truth preserving inferences, we are sure conclusion has truth Induction = observation > general, observe many cases and make an induction, might lose truth, while looking for the generality Descartes always based is ideology on the fact that there needs to be contact in order for action to happen. (screws for magnets). While Newton didn’t strive to understand and explain the phenomena. He observed and drew rules of behavior. “Rules of Reasoning in Philosophy” added in later editions of Principia to let others understand his philosophy -Metaphysical Presuppositions (all things composed of the ideology) Commitment to determinism that all actin happen for a reason. -Newton’s “System of the world” -first law – law of inertia, preservance of motion unless there is change
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