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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Hakob Barseghyan

th27 Feb 2012HPS250H Lecture 7Lakatosie Kuhns viewpoint on the issue of how can we obtain absolute knowledgeCARRYING ON FROM LAST LECTUREKuhns incommensurability problempremise onetranslatability requirementIn order to be comparable two competing theories must employ mutually translatable taxonomiespremise twoincommensurabilityCompeting theories can employ untranslatable taxonomies ie they can be incommensurableconclusion reachedincomparabilityIt is not always possible to compare two competing theories Pierre DuhemScientific experiments are completely interpenetrated by theoretical interpretation to the point where it becomes impossible to express fact in isolation from theory Thus it is impossible to falsify an individual scientific proposition an examplewith the theory A thread breaks when it is loaded with a weight that exceeds the threads tensile strengthThis theory can avoid faisification by many ways ie the experiment results can contradict the theorys predictions because of many reasonseg the theory could be falseeg the experimenter reports another conclusioneg the tensile strength of the thread was actually more than reportedeg the weight was reported as 1 kg but was actually 2 kgetc see ppt slides
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