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Sept 23

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Dana Philpott

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September 23
Restoration of Europe
N was a noble but a low ranking nobleextraordinary he rose to so much power
more bloody battles on continent than in past 3 centuries combined
N himself destroyed entire state system of Europe; personally nearly overthrew monarchs going
back thousands of years
oin all of these, he nominated himself as the head of the political entity [in not himself, his
siblings] in attempt to create a Napoleonic dynasty
shaped mentality of the ruling elites
1815shipped his to the island of St. Helens, as far as possible from Europe, to ensure he
couldnt return
oit was there he died in 1823
Europe wanted to make sure they created s systems that would prevent the rise of on individual to
such incredible power as N had
Congress of Vienna
ongress of all princes of Europe starting in 1814 which lasted to fall of 1815
oironed out issue relating to ideological and political stability and territorial issues
Quadruple Alliance 1815
oBr, Rus, Prus and Austria [Hapsburg Empire] agreed to created a military alliance, the
Quadruple Alliance, that would commit over half a million soldiers combined
opurpose: make sure Fr would never dominate Europe again
othis military alliance would immediately kick in whenever there was a threat from Fr and
overwhelm the Fr, hereby maintaining the status quo
oideological aspect: concept itself would also undermine the continent
Fr Rev instigated 2 ideas that thereafter Europe would try to deal with:
nationalism and liberalism
oBr did not sign = dont care about such issues
other states made up of multi-religious and multi cultural peoples

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Holy Alliance 1815
obased on Christian principle [back then the idea what that monarchs were sanctioned by
God and appointed their position]
opurpose of this always to fight Revolutions no matter where they popped up as they were
a threat to monarchical rule and stability
these 2 institutions safeguard Euro stability for the next half century
another emerging idea from the Congress: balance of power
oall 4 agreed that there had to be a balance of power to maintain stability in Europeif
someone were to dominate, it would throw stability off
to make sure that Fr would never be able to challenge the system and to make sure that Fr would
accept the post war settlemtn, there were 2 treaties drawn up
o1814 First Treaty of Parisagreed upon by many of the Fr; elite accepted it because it
was one of the most generous deals ever handed over to a defeated nation – no territorial
losses, all they had to do was go back to original orders of 1790
purpose: to make the Fr just as interested in post war stability as if they were to
humiliate Fr it would only be a matter of time before Fr wanted revenge which
would upset stability
oSecond Treaty of Paristook every territory Fr had, compelled them to go back to border
prior to 1789 rev
forced them to pay 700 [7?] million francs
still left pretty easy off the hook
accepted re-establishment of Bourbon monarchy [same monarchy overthrown by FR in 1789] in
the person of Louis XVIII
opompous individual
oidea of superiority of upper class
opolitical task was complicated: realist [Fr could not go back to old ways]
oby the point 1815, Fr was already moulded by rev experience and ideology
to go back to absolutist ways was impossible
owanted to recognize new Fr [that bourgeoisie empowered] and old Fr [represented by him
and reestablishment of monarchy and return of exiles [Fr elite and aristocracy who had
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