Lecture 1: Intro to 20th Century Germany

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13 Jan 2011
-tutorial 20% !!! (check Blackboard)!
*check at 7pm
-TUT1-2 W 16-17 SS2115/SS2119, bi-weekly (start Sept 29 & Oct 6,
then bi-weekly)
-3 response papers (one page each, single-spaced, related to the readings), incl
in tutorial grade
-can be on the film as well, "The Mar r iage of Maria Braun"
-in-class midterm Oct 27-25% (1 hr)
-section a: short answer about factual knowledge of 20th c material
-section b: essay on the interpretation of facts, one out of three
-essay due Dec 1-25%
-2500 words, 8-10 pages, use Chicago style citation
-late penalty is 3% per day, Sat and Sun count too!
-after 10 days automatic grade is a zero!!!
-must have at least 5 sources, only 1 internet source (not wiki!!!)
-turn it in through Blackboard???
-submit to Turnitin, maybe?
-final exam during exam period-30%
-essay questions from a list of questions given in class
-office hours: Munk Centre 206N R2-4
-email: jl.jenkins@utoronto.ca
-TA: Peter M???
-"A Histor y of Germany 1918-2000: The Divided Nation" by Mary Fullbrook
-"The Lost Honor of Katherina Blum" by Heinrich Boll
-post-war domestic terror ism of the 1970s and the erosion of civil rights, from
W. Germany, won Nobel Prize
-"Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Situation in Poland" by
Christopher Browning
-classic work on the Holocaust from eastern Europe about the killing squads who
went from village to village killing the Jews, about eastern battalion 101
-"Little Man, What Now?" by Hans Fallada
-about Nazi rise to power
-Germany unified through the Franco-Prussian War, 1866 Civil War, and the Danish War in the
-Germany bor n 1871 through Prussian Prince Otto von Bismarck
-German Empire, 1871-1918
-Weimar Republic, 1919-1933
-liberal and social Weimar Constitution republic, a liberal democracy
-L Streisand, Nobel Peace Prize winner, minister of foreign
affairs (?), dies 1929
-Hitler hates this liberal republic
-Nazi Germany, the Third Reich, 1933-spring 1945
-Adolf Hitler elected 1933
-Himmler, head of the SS
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