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Lecture 1: Intro to 20th Century Germany

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Jennifer Jenkins

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-tutorial 20% !!! (check Blackboard)!
*check at 7pm
-TUT1-2 W 16-17 SS2115/SS2119, bi-weekly (start Sept 29 & Oct 6,
then bi-weekly)
-3 response papers (one page each, single-spaced, related to the readings), incl
in tutorial grade
-can be on the film as well, "The Marriage of Maria Braun"
-in-class midterm Oct 27-25% (1 hr)
-section a: short answer about factual knowledge of 20th c material
-section b: essay on the interpretation of facts, one out of three
-essay due Dec 1-25%
-2500 words, 8-10 pages, use Chicago style citation
-late penalty is 3% per day, Sat and Sun count too!
-after 10 days automatic grade is a zero!!!
-must have at least 5 sources, only 1 internet source (not wiki!!!)
-turn it in through Blackboard???
-submit to Turnitin, maybe?
-final exam during exam period-30%
-essay questions from a list of questions given in class
-office hours: Munk Centre 206N R2-4
-TA: Peter M???
-"A History of Germany 1918-2000: The Divided Nation" by Mary Fullbrook
-"The Lost Honor of Katherina Blum" by Heinrich Boll
-post-war domestic terrorism of the 1970s and the erosion of civil rights, from
W. Germany, won Nobel Prize
-"Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Situation in Poland" by
Christopher Browning
-classic work on the Holocaust from eastern Europe about the killing squads who
went from village to village killing the Jews, about eastern battalion 101
-"Little Man, What Now?" by Hans Fallada
-about Nazi rise to power
-Germany unified through the Franco-Prussian War, 1866 Civil War, and the Danish War in the
-Germany born 1871 through Prussian Prince Otto von Bismarck
-German Empire, 1871-1918
-Weimar Republic, 1919-1933
-liberal and social Weimar Constitution republic, a liberal democracy
-L Streisand, Nobel Peace Prize winner, minister of foreign
affairs (?), dies 1929
-Hitler hates this liberal republic
-Nazi Germany, the Third Reich, 1933-spring 1945
-Adolf Hitler elected 1933
-Himmler, head of the SS
-Reinhard Heighdridge (???), architect of the planning of the Holocaust,
dies midway through WWII
-falls due to military defeat against the Allies
-1945-1946, 4 Occupation Zones
-the UK, French, and US zones eventually combine
-while the Soviet remains separate
-West Germany , 1949-1989 -East Germany,1949-1989
-Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor 1949-1963, a Christian democrat of W.
-unifies Catholic and Protestant, and conservative groups
-was mayor of Cologne in the 1920s
-Billy Brundt, becomes Chancellor 1969, tries to reconcile E. and W.
-had been in exile in WWII, persecuted by the Nazis
-social democrat during 1970s
-controversially kneeled in Warsaw, Poland
-Helmand Kohl, Christian democrat, comes in 1983 with conservative
wave across Europe, with Thatcher in the UK, and Reagan in the
US, stays in office till 1988
-engineers reunification of the two Germanies in 1989 on Nov 9,
on the anniversary of the birth of the Weimar Republic and the
abdication of the Kaiser, and the date of kristallnacht
against Austrian Jews
-Germany reunited Oct 1990, a liberal democracy
-G Schruedder, chancellor from 1990 to 2008
-opened up citizenship to German Turks
-first green party candidate
-Angela Merkel, head of the Christian democrats, an East German, a
scientist (physicist), first female chancellor of Germany