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25 Jan 2011
HIS263 Jan 18
Immigrants and Canada during the Boom Years
During the period of immigration boom, most people were from Britain
Of the Europeans category, Northern Europeans are the most preferred immigrants
Immigration is a tension between the cultural desire and economic needs of the
The economic needs outweigh cultural desire
Economic Boom
Immigrants come during a huge period of economic growth
This economic boos is tied to global conditions and international events
There is world-wide prosperity in this period
This growth is felt in Canada
For Canada, an expanding economy requires workers and farmers
Canada gets them partly through immigration
There is a strong tendency of the Western world to equate population growth with
national prosperity
Immigrations are new consumers and producers
The farming frontier
In 1901, all of Canada produced about 56 million bushels of wheat
By 1911, just the prairies produce208 million bushels
Canada becomes one of the worlds greatest bread baskets
The wheat frontier has a large spin-off because of their tools and services
The wheat economy becomes one of the key things that binds Canada from east to
It also produces a huge human change on the prairies
The population increases dramatically
This is also an environmental change as well
Wheat becomes the dominant plant in the area, although it might be considered an
invasive species
Humans change the animal and plant life
Supposedly, the environment changed right around the time people started settling
in Canada and because ideal for wheat
The Industrial Frontier
People sought wages rather than agricultural opportunity
Two major fields: transportation and natural resources
Transportation key part of economic boom
Mining of coal supports boom as well
Pulp, nickel, and other industries sprang up
These developments run east west (farming) and north south (industrial)
The industrial development had environmental consequences
The assault on trees is largely uncontrolled
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