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oct 19

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HIS 263 October 19, 2010
Simcoes Dream and the war of 1812
American revolutionary war: first civil war
1.Continued struggle. Unclear new republic or the British Empire who would be the
dominate power.
2.The war of 1812 combination conclusion continuation.
3.70k loyalist left, 50k went north. Nova Scotia. New Brunswick in 1784 to
accommodate the loyalists.
4.10k went west.
5.They were uncomfortable even though they paid their travel. Because living alien
people. English speaking, protestant, French Canadian were catholic, French
6.British want to make them happy. Constitutional act in 1791. Two characteristics.
a.Chops Quebec into two. Creates two new colonies
i.Lower Canada in the east
ii.Upper Canada to the west
b.Dividing line is the Ottawa River
c.Response to the loyalists
e.Economically under developed. Response to the loyalists colony of their own
so they get it.
f. Absence of elective political constitution
g.Second characteristic
i.New constitutional structure
ii.House of Commons. Elective. Elective representative make laws
1.Not entire democratic but more democratic
2.Required property to vote
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3.Men and women had to vote. Women were stripped later. Most
women did not own property.
4.Property was easy to come by
5.Contrast, land is cheap and widely available in Canada then
iii.Before elites appointed.
7.British constitution
a.Combination of laws and institutions by which people are run by
b.Three key elements
i.Monarchy rule of one finds expression in the king or queen
ii.Aristocracy ruled by the few, the elite
1.House of lords
iii.Democracy ruled by the many
c.Manifest itself in the house of commons
i.Representative of ordinary people who put them there. It contains all
three aspects balance between liberty and stability.
8.American too much liberty not enough stability
a.Too much power to the people
9.Upper Canada
a.Governor extension of monarch power in colonial America
b.Represent aristocratic branch was appointed by imperial elites. Appointed
legislative council.
10. John Simcoe
a.Commanded forces in American revolution
b.Wished to fight the American revolution to continue
c.Looked at Canada to recover some British greatness in America
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