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sept 16

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HIS 263 Sept.16
We have lived here since the world began
Versions of Canadian history
o100 years ago sense of pride English and few French speaking Canadians
oCultural constitutional link of the british empire
oProgress and advancement
Science and technology
Justice and law
oCanada and injustice
oTook for granted british most advance in Europe western
oWritings and lectures of Canadians notion indigenous was not progressive
oOutside of time and history
oDynamic complex
oContrast indigious is primitive timeless unchanging aboriginal
Challenging America as whole unchanging opposite is true
oConsiderable change over time
Major themes
oThe lay of the land
Population original settlement, impact of disease
C 1500 americaqs as a whole 100 m
Northern north America 500k to 2m
oOriginal settlement
oberingia, Bering strait
oMost in pacific coast
Measles smallpox
Early 20th century 500 years 95 percent wiped out
Wilderness untamed environment
Wrong conclude that no one been there
Absence was caused by diseases
oDiversity stories where people come from like the bible
oSouthern believed western notion of heaven
Great village of the sky a tree were all good virtues come from
One day powerful women figure out beneath the tree
Dug down came upon a void open space
Fell into the void landing a pile of dirt lay on the back of a turtle
Dirt the world and north America
Common was people originated in north America
Ignima beginning of time in north America
Sense of meaning and purpose communal coherence
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