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28 Nov 2010
Oct 12th
The Preliminaries
- In terms of human intelligence, Soviet Union was successful
- they approached institution of high learning and presented Soviet Union as a sole state
that did all the fighting against fascism
- approached Western bureaucrats, etc.
- an aid to Roosevelt was Russian spies
- Manhattan Project t Soviet Union spies successful
- Stalin was forced/compelled to terminate the blockade t humiliating defeat
- Molotov sacked
- October 1949, since West Germany was created, Stalin now recognized the fact that his part
of Germany could never be united under his own control with West Germany. Thus, he allowed
Communist parties to be created in West Germany.
- µPµíõðõUZµ]vu^&]>]PZv]vP_t first nuclear test
- it was a matter of time before Soviet Union could match Americans in terms of nuclear
- the Americans could never deploy nuclear policies
- 1949, Americans issued Memorandum 7 t containment itself would never hold back
Communist Soviet Union. It suggested to take the offensive and to confront communism
wherever it existed or potential of a communist state being established.
The International Setting in Asia
- China turned communist, was a failure to Truman administration
- during last stages of WWII, Stalin played his hands carefully. At the Yalta Conference, he said
he would not support communism in China.
- Treaty of Friendship and Alliance (14th August 1945):
- promise Stalin would recognize the Nationalist Party as the sole government in China
and would not support the Communist and would offer economic, but not military, aid
- in return, Chiang would recognized Russian interest in Manchuria and northern China
and give 2 ports for Russian use and give Russians the upper hand in railway use in
Manchuria (51% of company interest goes to Russia)
- this changed when Stalin found out America would not change its position over Japan.
America said they fought Japan alone, so they would have sole control over it. Stalin was
not given a say in Japan and Germany. This turned Sto]v[]]}vv}}µ}D}X
Stalin turned to support Mao.
- Stalin gave support to Communist Party in China in Manchuria and took control of the
Japanese military equipment in Manchuria.
- Civil War:
- Mao anticipated similar treatment from America t ^]vd]}_t to be separated from
Russian Stalin/Communist
- the negotiations ended up in failure because total expectations from one another
- Mao expected financial aid without condition and public apology for the
American/Western treatment throughout the previous century was a colonial t
abused and exploited
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