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Carol Chin

TANG CHINA: SILK ROAD COSMOPOLITANISM I. INTRO: THE TANG DYNASTY AS A SYMBOL 618-907 • Tang considered golden age of Chinese culture • mix of Chinese and barbarian culture II.CHINESE AND NOMAD RULERS • silk roads till flourished even in times of chaos • Tabgach or Tuoba/ Xianbei: related to mongels, related or rivals to the shongnu ◦ reunified china. began process of ◦ mixed cultures • helped sponsor the Yungang caves • civilized ppl; sponsored buddhism • time of great cultural ferment • mixed ethnicity aristocracy • women were also horseback riders, hunters III.TANG CULTURE AND POWER ◦ more open to foreign culture than traditional chines dynasty ◦ foreign goods and stipples became fashionable ◦ strong gov't for a while • The Glory of Chang'an ◦ largest city in the world at the time ◦ surrounded by high walls, gates ◦ city divided in grids they ad to register a way to keep eye on city ◦ two markets in the city: foreign ppl were sent to the western market ◦ had many temples: Zoroastrian, Manichean, Nestorian, buddhist (multi religious city) ◦ large luxurious home to ◦ located at one end of the silk roads ◦ caravans brought goods and then transshipped through the grand canal with connected it to the Yangzi Rover to Hangzhou ◦ connected to the ocean trade ◦ the bubonic plague was brought thru the silk roads to china • Tang Government ◦ establishe
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