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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Dr.Carla Hustak

Lecture 3September 27 2011Constructing Medical Truths of Womens Bodies Constructing Gender Scientific Truth and the Practice of Medicine Epistemology and the Bodytheory of knowledge accepted as factssocial construction very abstract accepted truths from the society in that time Porous Boundaries of Religion Natural Philosophy Science Magic Feminist Science Studies History of Science and the RealThree Themes 1 Medical Truths reinforce gender power relations the sexed body as constructed 2 Effects of Medical Truths on gendered experience of the body 3 Medical Practice and the Female Body the Social Context of how Medical Truths shape historically specific societieswho and what counts as a medical practitioner who gets the authoritative voiceI The Balanced Humoral Economy 1 Greek Philosophical Tradition Hippocrates and Aristotle Plato 2 Galenic Medicine Men drier hotter effect of heat on sexual physiology external sexual organshotterbelieved sexual organs were pushed outwards Women colder wetter effect of heat on sexual physiology internal sexual organscolderbelieved sexual organs were pushed inwards Thomas Laquer and the OneSex Modeldifferentiates this from what happens around the 1700s when the twosex model develops when men and womens bodies are seen as distinctiveAncient Greek texts Plato wandering womb the Timaeus sexual Physiology explained in terms of marrow semen blood brain and vital soulmarrow in the male body transformed from sementravels from the brain passages of the body open up from the gods Gendered meanings of sexual desire women tied to reproduction Identification of women with womb also called hystere Influence of Hippocrates claimed that heath was as important as balanceHippocrates Male fetus on right side of uterus Pangensis issues of male and female seed Female Health menstruation and uterus Menstrual regularity as health diagnosis involves purgation ie Manipulation of fluids and repositioning uterus Therapies recommended intercourse pregnancyAristotle Rational Animals Animality tied to Human Anatomy
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