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Carry Takagaki

HIS107Y1October 18 2011 Chapter 15Treaty of Nanjing August 29 1842Ambassadors allowed in BeijingTariffs fixed at 5IndemnityCedes Hong King to BritainExtraterritorialityMost Favoured Clause Taiping Rebellion 18511864Per capita cultivation land fell to the point that it could no longer sustain a living50 of 60 of the land was in the hands of the rich6090 of the population had no land at all becoming tenants of rich landownersTenants ended up paying 50 for renting the land leaving little to live on which meant that they had to borrow moneyFlooding of the Yangtze riverDrought in HenanHonan in 1847Famine in GuangxiKwangsi in 1849Government relief was perfunctory and funds were embezzledHong Xiuquan was a teacher trying to take the civil service exam failing a few times The process was very competitive and Xiuquan ended up having a breakdown During this breakdown he comes to the conclusion that he is the younger brother of Jesus Christ and comes up with the idea of a God Worshipping Society He wanted to destroy idols give up alcohol and opium and renounce footbinding and prostitution He eventually ends up attracting followers Xiuquans beliefs begin a movement as the peasants acknowledge that the practices he wants them to give up do end up furthering the poverty they find themselves already in The number of followers starts to build up and Xiuquan declares himself King of the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace Taiping This is essentially a religious movement giving something to all people to unite around The Qing troops are sent to put down the rebellion because this religious movement has been too appealing to many peasants and expanded and took over a larger area The Qing troops defeated themMarch 1853 Taiping capture Nanjing the Qing auxiliary capital where they establish their headquarters The Taiping experience success having 1 million This success is a result of their antimanchu feelings and a messianic ideological army 1853 Taiping make Nanjing their capital and private ownership of land was abolished Civil service exams are based on Christian ideas and are open to both men and women
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