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Summer 2011

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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 HIS103Y - Summer Prof: V. Dimitriadis Lecture 3 - France Foreign Policy and the Dutch War last class: Treaty of Westphalia - setting up what a treaty should look like always ends with a treaty make sure that no similar conflict would ever emerge secularization of international relations - Pope could no longer dictate which way the state and international relations could do - what policy to follow Spain and Austria emerged as separate states - they couldnt rule as Pope Treaty of Pyrenees - in general it did not gain much during the war of evolution turned against him in Triple Alliance - January 1668 signed Peace Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle but then wanted to avenge Dutch humiliation he wanted to destroy them economic reasons for war they were the most financially stable economy barely 2 million people yet most of the European trade was in Dutch hands they already had a stock exchange - the price they set was the basis of other state prices 8 000 - 9 000 ships that controlled world trade irked the French as Louis wanted France to seem as the most important state the Dutch benefited from Frances trade introduced tariffs 1671: retaliated by preventing imports from France devastated French economy there was no way to retaliate financially Colbert solution: suggested to Louis (summer 1672) to make Dutch the trade subject of the French King a.k.a. to destroy the Dutch state two interests merged to motivate the beginning of a war set three tasks for victory to alienate the Dutch Republic so they dont find an ally to built an alliance for France with every other state increase the French army French achieved this by The Dutch accepted French war thus they made no attempt to re-enforce France and Sweden signed an alliance of friendship the same year Louis approached English and offered the king $225 000 yearly pension guaranteeing French alliance 6 000 French soldiers and his Catholic conversion for another $100 000 in case the English people refused why did he agree? he admired Louis and his character of monarchy
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