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His103Y1: Lecture on The Search for Security and Stability, 1920- 32: Part One

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Denis Smyth

HIS 103: Statecraft and Strategy The Search for Security and Stability, 1920- 32: Part One 03, March, 2010 − Withdrawal ofAmerican support distorted/undermined the Peace settlement at Paris in 1919 − 1 area which suffered most inAmerica’s absence: strategic security, national security, especially France − France had made major concessions esp. in territorial demands on defeated Germany, in return for an Anglo-French guarantee of protection of future German aggression − US’refusal to ratify meant that France could only look to Britain for automatic military support − France looked to British not just for active military alliance in the event of future German aggression, but also began to look upon the treaty of Versailles alone as its last line of defense against German aggression and threat to its national security − French demanded that they don’t simply make an alliance against future threat, but that Brit actively join France in defending the Treaty of Versailles as a whole against Ger revisionists − The reparation & disarmament clause = most important to France to uphold − Early on, Fr met a rebuff from London in the regard of upholding the Treaty of Versailles  Brits were not prepared to expend so much effort on behalf of the French − Briand (French Foreign Minister) = adamant in asking for British support; George told France that Britain would completely guarantee the safety of Fr from invasion from the western frontier but British didn’t care about France’s interests in the East (they weren’t willing to protect the Treaty of Versailles as a whole − Briand’s failure led to replacement by more hardliner Poincaré − Split between Britain and France became evident over the i
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