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lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Alison Smith

On Statecraft and Strategy The aim of the Great Game OTZI was a warrior who was considered a remarkable man 75% of male human beings died violently since the historic times >5000 years ago 2% of male human beings died violently since the last century- due genocide, wars etc Increased in the notion of physical integrity and The sovereign state This institution has decrease exponentionally the likelihood of human beings perishing suffering bodily harm. There is a problem stabilizing the order and relationship between the new, consolidated states. States exist to protect the collective existence of the people group, pursuing national interest- ultimately concerned with themselves first of all. The most fundamental is strategic security, keeping in mind the existence of diplomatic, economic and cultural needs. Survival is the overriding aim of every sovereign state. There is not only the threat of nuclear and conventthnal weapons. In the past threats come from land and sea- Vikings. In the 20 century with the introduction of airplanes by the Wright Brothers, threats have evolved to being 3-Dimensional. Now with the improvement of technology, ie cyberspace, threats have become more terrifying- Estonia and Georgia brushes with Russia, where all their forms of communication and technology has been paralysed by cyber attacks from just a few pe
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