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HIS109Y The Reformation contd

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Kenneth Bartlett

Class 11 – October 20 , 2010 The Reformation continued - in England • J.Collet (d. 1519) • J. Wycliffe (d.1384) • Cardinal Wolsey (d.1529) • Thomas Cromwell (d.1540) • T.Cranmer (d.1556) • Henry VIII (d. 1547) • Edward VI (d1554) • Mary I (d.1558) • Elizabeth I (d.1603)  J. Wycliffe o Revolted against the Church o Left an important legacy in the Kingdom of Bohemia (John Huss)  Dramatic effect on English Church – monastic behaviour  John Colet o Fan of Erasmus and Thomas More o Accused of heresy because Church didn’t want to be reformed o Founded a school o Church was dominated by one man –  Cardinal Wolsey o Archbishop of Europe o Controlled the English Political structure by being the chancellor o King’s chief advisor.  1520’s o Different attacks towards the foundations of Church started to weaken the delicate structure o Vast property owned by the church were in “Mortmaine” (dead hand of the church) – once property was in the church it couldn’t be alienated o Hostility from the class holding Gentry and nobility.  Role of Pope in England was always suspect, questionable (developed during the Babylonian Captivity – seemed to put the Papacy under the control of the french)  Canon law was extraordinarly complex and it was everywhere – wills, marriage, sue, etc. o Canon law courts were long and expensive o People that dealth with it hated it.  1511 Case of Honey o Richard Honey o London Merchant o Difficult – tragedy (his infant died) o Richard got angry and hit the Priest (after charging him money to bury Baby) o Richard Honey went to jail, next day he was strangled  The church only had access to him – Church killed him.  Lutheran revolt o 1520 Breach in Church  Henry VIII o Devout, loyal to Roman Catholic Church o Wrote the Assertion of the 7 Sacraments in response to Martin Luther o Hated the idea of the reformation o Henry married dead brothers widow – Catherine of Aragon o Henry Tudor (VII) had his claims to the Crown o Henry the VIII needed an heir – The idea of a queen was unimaginable for Henry o Henry 7 thhad two sons- Arthur (who died) o Catherine of Aragon – had one child a female – Mary th o Henry 8 started a huge policy to get a divorce  Asked for Wolsey for help o Italy – 1527 – imperial army led by royal French trator invaded rome  Pope Clement 2 nd– managed to draw the divorce discussion that he had no intention of granting a divorce on the claim of incest o Henry became even more angry – angry at Wolsey o Henry went to Thomas More - More became Lord Chancellor o 1529 – fall of Wolsey  The parliament of the Reformation  Adressed minor abuses and sent the information to Rome  Burned a few Lutherans – to show he is a good member of the Church o Henry was still mad seeing that the divorce has not gone through yet  Wanted the divorce to be through the church o Henry fell in love with the younger sister – Anne Boleyn o Anne Boleyn – didn’t jump into Henry’s bed, she refused to sleep with him, wanted to be Queen. o Ultimately Henry had his way with her. o Slept with him on a boat, and she
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