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February Notes

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Kenneth Bartlett

February Notes February 2 2011y Spain fought and died for an obscure king overthrowing a liberal constitutional government y When the Congress of Viennanot discussednational determination y Negative forcesuppress y There was no discussion whatsoever y Some nations that gained resurgencePolandy The idea of Italian unity was suppressed y Europeans felt that nationalism was the response to the Napoleonic wars and the French Revolution y No attempt to create states according to national identity y Revolt of the Poles1830 y Oppression of the Russians became worse y Everything began to change y Prussia and Germanythe Prussian state wanted to become stronger it created a customs unitterror free zone that included all German speaking unit and excluded AustriaPolitical necessity of the German Confederation y They thought of themselves as German y The degree of national feeling with the peoplemany of these nations enjoyed a rich past y The rule of the Hapsburgs was humiliating y The pressure on the Hapsburg empire were enormous y The Austrian burocracy was very efficienty Divide and conquery The peasants were all on the Hapsburgs side y Panslavism y The Russians developed the idea that they were superior to the Europeans y This idea of Panslavism was very good and beneficial for Russia They were the only Panslavic county to remain themselves y How Italy had been treated at the Congress of Viennay The memory was strong and powerful in Italy y CarbonariMeans Charcoal Burners y Lead by Giuseppe Mazzini 180577 yHe founded young Italy y He wore all black because he was in mourning for his nation y Most of the Liberal cities in town wanted Italy to be united with another Italian statesy Hostility to the natural and economic repression1848exploded y After the fall of the citizen king in Franceread to Egypt y Ferdinand was just concentrating on food y The king of Sardinia watched all the revolts in Italy he declared war on the Austrians y 1848The Austrian Empire has diedHapsburgs y The states could not work togetherpolitics also played a role y Who could speak for Europe y The lack of unityOnce faced with independenceagitated descenda constitution for the GermansUnited German state y The Chzeks noticed they wouldnt be a majority anymore They called a Panslavist meeting in Praguecreate a Slavic stateboth sides met and both sides mety An army was sent in by the Hapsburgsput down the revolution y ItalyThe Austrian army picked them off because they couldnt work together y Hungarymost dangerous situation the Austrians facedHungarians didnt recognize the fears of the minorities y The capital was moved y Many other things that Hungary did made the Slavs angry y A Croatian noblebegan the civil wary Hungary was defeated y Empirial army picked off the revolutions y France Joseph ruled until 1916 y The defeated territories were treated very differently y Hungary and Bohemiaall their rights were taken awayeverything ruled in Vienna y The Emperor freed the Serf y Thats cemented the loyalty of the peasants to the Hapsburgsy Railways were builtunite the kingdom and to send soldiers easily y Tariff wall around the empire y Made the Hapsburg land stronger and kept out ideas y Austranization was imposedy To get a good job or wanted to go anywhere you had to know German y Germanization in Poland Bohemia Prague etc y In Prussia the revolution was successful y A legislative assembly y The assembly was so liberal they had sympathy for the Prussian Polandgave them more rights y There were fights between The German Poles y Prussia sent in the army and strengthened their control of Poland y 1848 revolution failedLiberalism failed y GermanyOtto von BismarckAustria had to be silenced All of the northern German states came together New constitutionHad to unite the Southern part of GermanyFranco Prussian war
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