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Anthony Cantor

HIS241October 18Kristen Young Going forward from the fall of Napoleon Start at the defeat of Napoleon Figure out what they did to restore status quo In trying to end the cycle of war the powers had to consolidate the idea of the ancienregime with the new orders1815most of Europe is still not industrializedIn the following 25 years there was great change in EuropeoNew egalitarian principles were enshrined in lawEquality before the law ie Abolition of privilegeo Trying to diffuse French changes made it so that European rulers actually did thethings that they were againstie The abolishment of serfs Not necessarily in the model of the French revolution though it was kinda thatthey just did itSet up an international system to ensure the balance of power in EuropeoFrench had disrupted the equilibrium and they needed to put it backoTried to repress democratic and nationalist movements in their territoriesoBrought about the idea of what is sovereign the nation or the rulerNationalism was a problem for the old ordersoThe Hapsburgs for instanceThey were a clusterfuck of a whole bunch of different peopleThe idea that it was the nation t
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