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University of Toronto St. George
Doris Bergen

TRIUMPH ON THE RIGHTTHE NAZI REVOLUTIONTHE SPANISH CIVIL WAR NTRODUCTIONIDEADLY MEDICINE CREATING THE MASTER RACE httpwwwushmmorgmuseumexhibitonlinedeadlymedicineTHE NAZI REVOLUTION 19331934THE ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL MAKEUP OF GERMANY 19291932CONOMIC FACTOREAfter his arrest in 1933 Hitler served about a 9 month sentence in prisonwhen he emerged he spent the next decade building up the National Socialist Workers NSDAP or Nazi partyUntil 1933 the Nazi party was a fringe partythe breakthrough come only in the 1930sMost accounts make a direct correlation between Hitlers rise to power and the Great DepressionEconomic hardships associated with the crash of 1929 and the depression were not limited to Germanyit was a worldwide depressionNot only extreme parties on the right who were the beneciaries of the economic collapse also parties on the extreme left benetted enormouslywith economic problems there is a rise in the support for the communistNSDAP partiesCant make a simple correlation because you cant say that those who were the hardest hit were most likely to vote for the NSDAPit had support from very different groups of people but many other of the same groups voted for other center or conservative parties The depression helped with the Nazis popularity but it alone did not determine that Hitler would come to powerOLITICAL FACTOR PMiscalculations on the part of conservatives and other rightwinged individuals and organizations who did not have to have power ceased from them by Hitler 1930President Hindenburg had never been a supporter of democracy he increasingly used the provision and constitution with the support of the conservative elements in the government to rule by decree Hindenburg was not strongly connected with the political process With the challenges arising he needed to make some kind of political decisions about dealing with economic problems The various cabinets that came into power in the early 30s increasingly found themselves lacking popular support to take dramatic steps and the vision to come with ideas that would have made a signicant difference in the economy
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