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Lec 9 - Renaissance Politics part II

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 H – Lec. 9 Renaissance Politics  City state (Florence) shows transition from republicanism to absolutism o Republican forms aimed at bringing a lot of people into government, but not for too long  Magistracies that organized the factions of government  Can lead to a strong city or a split, chaotic city  Florence becomes a practical lesson in the shifting of power  Medici’s – 3 of them that represent 3 phases of government o Republic – Cosimo de Medici works behind the scenes and puts his people in political power; He controls government through them o Cosimo’s son doesn’t last long, but his grandson does  Lorenzo de Medici – acts outside of his class – merchant who acts noble o Marries Roman noble woman – Medici’s normally married within the city, but not Lorenzo – Roman Orsini noblewoman o Medici’s build humble places inside the city; Lorenzo builds villas outside the city and holds grand feasts at the Medici palaces o Under Lorenzo, there is no more scrutiny o Many people start to find him questionable  Leads to Pazzi conspiracy – they try to kill Lorenzo (1478)  Changing point – comes at a very difficult time for the Medici  They lose their key ally (duke of Milan) and become increasingly isolated  Lorenzo doesn’t know who is involved  Lorenzo’s main enemy is Naples – he goes t tem to try and create an alliance with the king of Naples – the king agrees and drops his hostility against Lorenzo – Lorenzo becomes more authoritarian and dies in 1492  His son makes stupid mistakes and gets the Medici kicked out by 1494  Tried to make connections with the church – tried very hard to make his son a cardinal  His son is appointed 2 weeks before his death – son is 14  This cardinal is not well received – manages however, to establish himself and eventually becomes Pope (Leo V – 1513- 1521)  Brings the Medici back in 1512  Appoints his cousin as cardinal, and he booms Pope (Clement VIII – 1521-1534) – he gets the family back into Florence a second time  He
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