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Lec 10 - Holy Roman Empire

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 H – Lec. 10 Holy Roman Empire  City of Florence merges into the duchy of Tuscany  Holy Roman Empire – a loose confederation of German states under one emperor – not really an empire – emerged in 800 and goes (tries to, anyway) to Rome of antiquity  Contestation of power there is power associated with Holy Roman Emperor, so people want to elected to the position – elect and serve till the end of your life  Key period for Holy Roman Empire in the Renaissance – Napoleon ends the Holy Roman Empire and only fragments carry on – late 15 c. to early 17 c. th  The Empire exists for about 100 years  Origins and constitution - Hapsburg Dominance, decline of the Holy Roman Empire (?)  Origins: loose federation with elected emperor; elected by people selected from the Golden Bull (1356) – seven electors; three were religious figures, four were state rulers o Religious figures were Archbishop of Mainz, Cologne, Trier o State rulers were from Palatinate, Bohemia, Brandenburg, Saxony  Had to be someone who was selected ruler; could be from anywhere  Had a representative assembly (diet) – had three “houses” – represented electors, major rulers and cities o Meet every two years and travel around  Imperial supreme court (Cameral Tribunal) – 1532 – responsible for imperial law code  Particularism – federation of particular (individual states) – these states maintain their sovereignty – not loyal to the Empire as a whole (in the Hapsburg empi
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