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social structures continued

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

Social structures in early modern Europe continued September-21-10 11:08 AM Towers in Europe Bologna city had two towers that were their symbols They had Campanilismo - tower pride they include bell, church towers Back then towers like the Assinelli tower for protectiondefence packed with supplies and also to show a statement of who they were, so during war you would pack the tower with people and wait till the battle was over So when the city wanted to cut down a families power they destroyed their towers Same thing goes for Sienna that has many cathedral and square tower city vs. state Also goes for Hantwerpen that had many towers with the cathedral tower at the center looking over the city and building Tower says a lot about what we are and the landscape and image and the cities pride What are some of the dynamics? Like city shrines and festivals for the saints, games, food etc. ? Citizens and cities were much more homogenous they would have random city squares etc unlike now that is much more spread out we have more zoning on income and areas for ex Bononia commerci
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