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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Social Structures in Early Modern Europe

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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243Lecture 2SEPT202011CitiesCities are a symbol thought of their cities around the towers Theres a strong civic patriotism as well as a deeply religious patriotism ie in the form of religious shrines churches processionsShrines are on city walls shrines celebrate their blessedness ie in BolognaShrines are associated with miraclesStories about such miracles are passed on and the stories tend to leave the realms of reality ie walls torn down and then magically rebuilds itself or dove flying over showing a sense of holinessCivic patriotism closely tied with religion and religious obligationCities are divided into quarters or sixths in the case of Venice Everyone has an allegiance to their respective quartersector of the cityCOHESION AND DIVISION within the city theres cohesion where theres allegiance to the city as a whole and division where the peoples allegiances to their respective area causes dispute amongst themselvesDifferent factions controlled different parts of the cityBologna for example doesnt have a poorrich neighbourhoodThe rich tend to settle in the center of the cityWealthy people place themselves in different areas of the city to exercise political control over a neighbourhoodTheres a clear political and religious geography not much economic geographyEvery city has all the major buildings ie city hall palace of justice main city church notary place etc in the city centercity squareCity squares are neutral space
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