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England: Politics, Dynasty & Religion

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Nicholas Terpstra

England Politics DynastyReligion Thurs Nov 17th 1 TudorsHenry 8 150947 Edward 6154753 Mary I155359 Elizabeth I 155916032 StuartsJames I 160325 Charles I 162549 Commonwealth Charles II 166025 James II 1685 1688 religion complicates these transitions leads to very strange situationshave to know there is at the core of English politics a fight going on between the Lancasters and the Yorks resolved in part to military defeatYorks defeated by Lancasterseffort to build a new dynasty that brings these two togetherDaughter Elizabeth of the Yorks Henry of the Lancastersnew dynasty Tudor Underlying tension within England threat that dynasty will not succeedEffort to bring about civil peace Tudors Tried various things that hadnt worked stakes so high for monarchs in this century ththFirst Tudor king is Henry the 7 start with his son Henry the 8Second son older brother died younger one becomes King inheritsHis brother dies 6 yrs before his father dies Knows 6 years in advance that he will be king His brothers wife is there represents Spanish alliance will he marry Catherine Marrying a widow is a bit odd potential issues was she appropriate personally politically etc When she had married his older brother Arthur she was 18 he was 15 Henry was 12 question as to whether that marriage consummated convenient approach said that it had never been consummated married her to preserve Spanish alliance Becomes king in 1509 marries her 2 weeks before Henry 33 failed to produce a male heir Has an illegitimate male offspring only a daughter Mary as an heir No reason Mary cannot inherit the crown but feels this will make the dynasty weak Henry needs to find another spouse cannot actually divorce her but in Catholic law you cannot remarry after divorce Has to be in position to put aside wife 1 and marry wife 2 Needs his marriage annulled Technical problemlegal issue because you cant just go around divorcing anyone you want Fact that hes a king concerns about continuation of dynasty all in his favour ndHed been given a much better education 2 rate theologian serious intelligent reasonably focused serious about doing this in the right way Best thing would be if Catherine would cooperate but she believes the marriage can still be blessed with children religious reasons etc Luther says it makes sense many other theologians agree Going on strength on couple things ie If you marry your brothers widow the union will be cursed Cant get her to agree has to be forced on her only if Pope agrees Pope is in no position to offer this to Henry Medici very flexible in morality currently in prison Clement VII Charles V Troops keep Clement captive eventually gets out only because Charles calls his army off ClementCharles Nephew of Catherine Odd geopolitical situation in Italy that Henry cant do what would otherwise be quite seemless and naturalStalematedoing all this under one chief minister Thomas Wolsey When hes not able to find a solution gets rid of him brings In Thomas Cromwell Legal training
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