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Printing Revolution

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Nicholas Terpstra

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THOCTOBER 4 PRINTING CULTURE REVOLUTION 1Invention of PrintingBefore PrintingAll books done by hand labour intensivey Not many people could do it mostly monasteriesy Scriptorium room at monasteries where the writing happened y Next stepSomeone in Florence set up about 50 people in a room and one person read out a text and all the ypeople would write it down mass productionPrinting15th century yIssue of type ink and paper technological and financial problem y All conceptual parts of printing come from China or the far East y Starts with block printing y Johannes GutenbergEarly printer active in 15th century around 1450o Comes up with the idea of a moveable metal type that you can use and reassemble in other ways Ink was at first waterbased but they found that the oilbased worked better as it stuck to the ymetal type better Paper needed a form that was affordable so that books wouldnt be incredibly expensive y o Prior to paper animal skins were usedBible like 170 calf skins or 300
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