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christianity, commerce, and the development of new france

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Christianity, Commerce & the Development of New France II. The Fur Trade and the Development of New France The fur trade plays a huge role in reinvigorating French ambitions It begins as a by-product of the codfishery It became prevalent for people involved in this industry to travel elsewhere and engage in other business (i.e. participate in trade). The key attraction is the fur trade. In this period, garments made of fur bearing animals (esp. wide brimmed hats) were highly fashionable in European society. In part because they were war,, as well as the luxurious texture of these furs. These garments fetched high prices in European markets, As a result, Europeans become effectively involved in the fur trade French involvement would result would integrate into an expansivevast network in trade networks, which was concentrated in the valley of the St. Lawrence River The French are relying on relations with Aboriginals to bring these furs to the French settlement, where they are then traded for European manufactured goods (pots, kettles, hatchets, etc). Involvement in this fur trade is fundamentally important to the development to a French colonial presence in the New World (in particular, to what became known as New France) Samuel de Champlain Plays key role in development of New France Closely bound up in fur trade By training he is a soldier, mariner, naturalist Also functions as a politician. In particular he serves as a de facto governor of New France. Makes first voyage in 1603. He dies in 1635. Between these years, he criss- crosses the Atlantic a dozen times Wants to have a base to consolidate and control the fur trade. The first permanent French base in the new world is located in southern nova Scotia (Port Royal) Port Royal, 1604; Acadia The larger region (Maritime provinces, and Main), was named by the French: Acadia; However, the French choose not to make this the long term base through which they hope to assert themselves as an imperial power as it was too distance from the fur trade Port Royal is essentially abandoned until the 1630s It would never be a focal point for the French to colonize and control Quebec, 1608 In the summer, Champlain travels up into the gulf where he establishes a trading post. This would become that critically important base, from which France could
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