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The 'New' Immigrants

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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Lecture 12: the New Immigration October 26, 2010 Immigrants to jobs in canadas industrializing cities on the resource frontier We have a large number of immigrants that came to work in the industries the manufacturing sector was becoming imp. in cities building the infrastructre of the city, street car lines, sewers etc. this all required labourers, thousands of unskilled labourers Women became domestic servants, men were there for labour this is the time where frontier industries developed like never before period where the mining sector opened up in Quebec, Ontario, B.C in huge quantities and exported them to the other rapidly growing economies forestry jobs were created a period of very extensive railway construction th 2 new trans-continental railways were built in the early 20 century which gave competition to the CPR The New immigration is connected to the mass immigration of unskilled labour of foreign speaking imm. mainly men this was a U.S label Whats new is the industrial orientation the foreign speaking imm. pop. there was considerable anxiety in America about how these imm. might transform America
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