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Lecture 13

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Ian Radforth

LEECTURE 13: Radicalism and Repression Left wing radicalssocialists Minority, but significant- published a lot of newspapers etc. Labelled as dangerous foreigners To the stability of Capitalism Outside British tradition Government worked hard to suppress- there was a struggle Reasons for Immigrant Radicalism Came from experiences @work: did the dangerous jobs. Insecurity, felt exploited, dream of economic success failing= anger and interest in changing the system discrimination: often shunned, lowest of low in terms of statuspower= isolation from mainstream feeling that needs not met, raw power of state against also , hard work of leftist activists: exposed to Marxism at home, so took up activities in new context (many from peasant backgrounds while these guys exposed in cities to socialist ideas, so wanted to educate others) wanted international workers movement Ukrainian, Jewish, Finns unusually active with the Left (also some Brits, Russians, Croatians) Finns From rural areas, not involved in After WW2 socialist movement, Russian Revolution= on own big fight to see Red (socialist) vs. Whites would control 1980-90: war- whites won, taken over by conservatives
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