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HIS344Y – Conflict and Cooperation in the International System since 1945 • Cold War left an imprint on everything in the world – cultural, social, economic development were all influenced (permeated every aspect of life) • 1648 – Treaty of Westphalia, birth of modern international relations ◦ prevent another catastrophe as the Thirty Year War ◦ understanding that every state looks after its own – primary objective of the state is survival ◦ this is not to say that states would not try to undermine the treaty – as soon as they are signed states would try to circumvent ▪ balance of power ensured that no state would become the hegemon – Treaty of Utrecht • in practice this did not work too well – nationality did not matter, what mattered was territory and economy, lands were given or taken away to maintain BOP ◦ French Revolution rallying cry was liberalism and nationalism – was a double-edged sword, since now all nationalities demanded a state of its own • developed post-Napoleonic alliance systems to prevent hegemony of a single state • Napoleon III's plan to break apart the QuadrupleAlliance and HolyAlliance backfired, allowed the unification of Germany and Italy – France ended up the greatest loser in this manipulation ◦ Germany wanted recognition that they were the greatest power ◦ Germany picked a fight with GB, caused GB to ally with French and Russia • Nue Kurse – confrontation with GB, French and eventually Russia • Welt Politik • compelled both sides to form alliances ◦ Triple Entente vs. Central Powers – conflict was looming by end of nineteenth century ◦ cataly
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