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October 26th 2010

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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

th October 26 - an arms race is not unusual but it was the first time, they were compiling weapon systems that had the capacity to destroy the world - at the early stages of the Cold War that could have changed the nature of the conflict and led a different outcome - 1953, there were serious changes in the Eastern and Western parts of the world J Soviet Union and United States. In the US, Eisenhower came into power J Republicans. Nov 1953 elections. In Russia, Stalin died and his entire foreign policy and interpretation of international relations died. - Khrushchev employed peaceful means for expansion - Communism, in nature, always sought domination. - Revisionists argue that there was genuine relaxation and the US and the Western world could have a meaningful conversation in 1953, but the US failed because of its own interests and }E ]Z:@ZLK]L]Z]}LL}L @KL[Z} Z:@]]}Lo]ZZZ]Ko turned a blind eye to the American methods whether genuine or not, they were methods to undermine the Soviet Union. - 1953: Stalin died. - a collective leadership emerged - it was Beria who carried out many of the purges, whose name is associated with many executed. He made the ]ZK}}l^o]L[Z}o] L]Z} Z}}]2L}o] :, proposed a compromise with the West over the issue of Germany. He proposed many serious reforms in Soviet Union to liberate the Communist system. He released a million prisoners J Kulaks. @
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