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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Drugs and the Brain

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Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S L8 Feb1 2012Drugs and the BrainRewards Increase Acetylcholine in VTARewards brain stimulationincrease AChincrease dop If block cholinergic recsBlock muscarinicblock brain stimulation reward100 less effect important for Cocaineamphetamines stimulatereleasedoplongterm effect increase dop 510 times in nucleus accumbensBlock nicotinicblock 20 of effect if block this then stop effects locomotor arousal emotional confidencemotivational effects BrainStimulation Reward and Food Rewardspeed Blocked by muscarinic blockers eg scopolamine in Block reuptake of dop VTANicotinic also thru VTAsthere because theres Slow muscarinic recs more critical for maintaining 2 cholinergic signalsarousal in brain stimulationfood reward OtherStronger muscarinic effect thru M5 rec Weak effects of nicotinic blockersOpiate recs arent on neuronsindirect 23 gif Mesopontine neurons activate dop release via fast pathwaysnicotinic recsslow muscarinic recsGlutamatekey signal that changes in addiction learned rewardsCholinergic Blockers in VTA Inhibit BrainStimulation Paths from forebrain change glutamate neurons Rewardto abnormal addictive reward systemhow motivations are changed by drugs longterm changesMorphine or any opiate turns the GABA neurons offnormally inhibit dopamine neurons
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