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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 - Hypothalamus & Homeostasis continued

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Human Biology
John Yeomans

HMB200H1S L14 Feb 29 2012Only part of body where glucose gets into cells wo insulindue to FeedingObesity bloodbrainbarrier st oeven when short on insulin brain always gets glucose 1 importantbrain stays fning so dont dieHypothal regulates thru seasonal infointernal body states ex temp fluids salt nutrients involved in energy regulation obrain always protected doesnt depend on pancreas for o key area of brain tiny lesionsdramatic changes in body glucose supply weighto smallof inputs important ex from fat cells leptin discovered 10 yrs ago o doesnt solve obesity since many factors in hypothal influencing body weight set pt o fatsmost important nutrient in regulating body weight Energy SourcesCarbohydrates o Glucose quickly broken down by digestive tract oOr complex chains of starch molecssimple sugars by digestive tract o Brain particularly sensitive to glucoseglucosestack theory for weight ProteinsAmino acidsFatsFatty acids o Many dif types of molecs broken into fatty acids o Chains of fatty acids held together by glycerolStored in the bodyFat cells longterm 8090 of total available body energy supply large majority of body energy o Warmth longterm energy storage o In deep viscera tissue o Good as insulatorstoring more energy per gram than in starchgrams or prot gramsso stored more efficiencyInsulin required to get glucose into starved body cells except brain o So very important to regulateperhaps why leptin key signal in o Diabetes mellituswhen dont have insulin body weightFatty acids prots dont require insulinMuscleliver glycogen starchTastesmell activate nosemouth in feeding o Converted to glycogen chains of glucose molecs o Activate pathways in epithelia taste recs in tongue oavailable glucose available to be conv
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