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I to IIIchimera questionssimilar questionsGO TO THESE TUTORIALS2540 questions of TT2 CD4 CD8 in antigen receptor activation using killer cellsto provide you with rationale as to why when look at peripheral T cells always see CD8 associated with T cells expressing TCR specific for peptide in the context of MHC class 1 and always see CD4 expressing on T cells in context of ditto in context of MHC class 2Used coated plate assay put antiTCR on platefocusing on CD4combination of two did induce the T cells Use beadsTCR beads beads caoted with antiTCR with beads coated withbeads contained mixture of antiTCR and cD4resolved coaggregation of CD4 and CD8Discussion of association of sark family tyrosine kinase called LCK that interacts with both cd4 and cd8 with hig hstoichiometryso if either cd4 or 8 prsent directly inviting associated cdk to hat interactionits activation results in phosphoraylation of key residues on ITAM motifs expressing elements including zetaCD28 and its ligandfound to be criticalCD28 expressed on most T cellsligand for CD28Professional APClike dendritic cellsconstitutively express members of the b7 family other cells like b cells can be induced to become professional antigen presenting cells but most b cells are not when in quiescent statedo not express members of b7 members but can be induced to express in activationstate dependent fashion28 always expresede Or 24 B cells that are not activated are small high buoyant density resting cellsActivated b cellsbecome larger express b7 moleculesLots of cell made in thymu go through negative selectionremove cells that recognize self MHC with high affinitySome cells escape negative selection go to periphery cn do harmrole of professional APC here if eventually a t cell recognizes antigen in context of MHC on a nonprofessional APC ie B7 not expressedTCR will engage MHC active process that does not result in activating T cells results in T cells induced into state of anergy Active process because T cell after confrontation with nonprofessional APC Give professional APC will not become activated CD28 is homodimer covalentlyTCR will engage peptide MHC class 2CD28 can engage B7 and eventually activation of T cellthis is professional APCNONprofessional APCstill have MHC class 2no T cell activation Give anergized T cell to professional APCwill not become activated CD4 can interact with MHC class IIMust have LCKcoaggregation is mechanism through which this occursIV1peripheral T cells shownT cell development must involve the coordinated interaction of molecules during intrathymic T cell development to give us this resultNo mismatch do not see T cells expressing receptor that recognizes peptide that recognizes MHC class Iexpressing CD4 and vice versa Reality probably a blend of these two modelsInstructional modelfirst
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