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Film Lecture Part Three

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Vikki Visvis

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INI115Y: Introduction to Film Studies
January 5, 2010
Production and Technology
Why emphasis Hollywood?
Hollywood has given the formal and stylistic forms of a movie norms
Commercial dominance
Scholarly preoccupations
What does it mean to oppose Hollywood (formally; ideologically)? How does film function as a
medium of representation?
Methodological Questions and Recurring Issues
1.To whom or what can one attribute a films meaning?
2.What marks a film or a filmmaker as conventional or anti-conventional?
3.In what ways do a films style, narrative
4.How do different social groups react to, and draw meaning from, particular types of
filmmaking and films?
5.How do films relate to the cultural context in which they are made and received?
Hollywood studio production emphasised process over product
Cared little about artists they did not go around to create a masterpiece very rare for
any American studio to invest tons of money in a single film
Two defining studio production market control
Stable production
Technological innovation
Serial manufacture
Skilled specialists collaborate to create [a unique] product while still adhering to a
blueprint prepared by management. (Film Art, p.26)
the producer was the management, not the director
ensured that films were similar in quality and employees productive
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