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University of Toronto St. George
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Alan Cochrane

FEB 15 – HIV NEF - Only factor associated with pathogenesis - Can replicate fine without Nef - Sidney cohort – slow progression of disease – - Nef alone can recapitulate all of HIV pathogenesis seen in recombinant mice Nef functions - Four known functions - Removal of CD4/MHC1/MHC2 – facilitates release of virus - Reduction of MHC class 1 and 2 – no longer presents viral antigen to surrounding immune cells - Arrest of apoptosis in infected cells – keeping cell alive long enough to produce maximum number of immune particles - Modulation of T cells ignalling thru host kinases - Enhancement of viral infection NEf involved in surface events - Targets into plasma membrane - Induce recycling of cd4 off the surface - AP2 – bridges CD4 interaction into calthrin coated pits - Draws CD4 into endosome, into lysome for degradation - Through trafficking - Trafficking back to surface - In context of MHC, traffick of MHC of trans Golgi network into surface – f
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