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University of Toronto St. George
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Alan Cochrane

NEXT LECTURE – adenovirus - Will not discuss aviadenoviruses - Virion o Adenovirus virion – icosahedral – bigger than parvoviruses o Made up of hexons and pentons – hexons on flat surface, pentons at vertices o Pentons have base and fibre that sticks out  Fibres of different lengths – diagnostics of subtypes - Terminal protein – yellow square – at each end – covalently linked to dNA – packaged with DNA – protein seven like histones – adenovirus forms chromatin like structure – uses own protein to do that – associated with whole length of genome – protein ten not much known about Virion core - Linear double stranded genome - Four proteins – five, seven, and ten and terminal protein - Seven is major core protein that forms histone like centres – viral DNA can wrap around them – resembles nucleosomes – - Linear genome – have ds break – cell will try to repair that - If not linear genome coming into cell – ends resemble ds break – mechanisms to stop from being ligated together - Linked to five prime end – terminal proteins - Genome has
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